Menu du jour à 14 €/pers.

Menu servi uniquement au déjeuner
(Hors week-ends et jours fériés)
* Entrée du jour
* Plat du jour
* Dessert du jour ou café ou fruit

Dish of the day :  14 € (Starter, main course and dessert)
Only at lunch except weekends and bank holidays

Formule du jour à 18 €/pers.

Menu servi uniquement au déjeuner
(Le lundi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi - Hors jours fériés)
* Entrée du jour
* Pièce de bœuf selon arrivage
Servi avec frites fraîches et salade verte
* Café

“Formule” of the day : 18 €
Only at lunch on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday — except  on bank holidays
* Starter of the day
* Cut of beef
Mit Fries, green salad
* Coffee


Notre Menu Balade Gourmande

Hiver 2019


   Duck foie gras | Orange marmalade |

                                           Mulled wine jelly | Biscuit                                           
Pike-perch back fillet | lentil duo | saffron sauce
The winter basket
Mixed salad| Diced foie gras | Chestnuts
Chicken tender | Duck breast | Quail egg

“Like a fish soup”
Salmon, Cod, shrimps, scallops, shells
Boiled potatoes, croutons and aïoli sauce
Duck breast | Juice with spices
Seasonal vegetables and choice of garnish
Quail (boned except thighs and wings)
Stuffing with light mash, dried apricots and herbs
Lightly thickened jus

Iced nougat with red fruits coulis
Orange salad with candied ginger
Torche aux marrons revisited (meringue with chestnut cream)


The must


Prime cut of beef with shallot                                                                      18 €

Cordon bleu of veal with Emmental cheese, cream sauce                               19 €

Cordon bleu of veal with Munster cheese, cream sauce                                  20 €

Veal kidneys deglazed with cognac, pan-sautéed mushrooms,
traditional mustard sauce or cream sauce                                                    18 €
If you wish the whole kidney : do not hesitate to request it


Our meats can be served with a choice of : Fresh fries, spaetzle or sautéed potatoes


Fried Munster cheese served with crudités and sautéed potatoes                  15 €

Trilogy of potato cakes                                                                              17 €
(salmon gravlax, black forest ham, baked Munster cheese, fresh cheese sauce)
Possibility to only have salmon, ham or Munster upon request

Grilled knuckle of ham
served with sautéed potatoes                                                                    15 €

Knuckle of ham grilled and baked Munster cheese                                  16,50 €
served with sautéed potatoes

Beef with pure sea salt, sautéed potatoes, crudités                                    15 €

Breaded pig’s trotter stuffed with foie gras

Green salad ans sautéed potatoes                                                           16 €




Flamed tarts (only for dinner)

Flamed  tart                                                                                        8,50 €

Flamed tart with emmental cheese                                                        8,80 €

Flamed tart with mushrooms                                                                 8,90 €


Flamed tart with mushrooms and emmental cheese                                9,20 €

Flamed tart with Munster cheese                                                           9,20 €


Flamed tart with goat cheese and honey                                                9,20 €

Flamed tart with apples                                                                        9,20 €

Flamed tart with apples drizzled with Calvados                                     10,20 €

Mixed flamed tart (half/half)                                                                 9,20 €

Green salad                                                                                         4,30 €




Vegetarian dishes

Plate of crudités                                                     Small : 6,80 €    Large : 9,80 €

Potatoes cake nature                                                                      Large : 15 €
Green salad and fresh cheese sauce

The winter basket                                                                          Large : 15 €
Mix of salad | Dried apricots | Chestnuts
Quail egg dish | Croutons



Children’s dishes (less than 12 years old)

Thin chicken slices in a pretzel crust                                                         7 €
Spaetzle and fries




All our dishes can be adapted for children                                          7 €

Don’t forget the flamed tart :
We can make half ones (only for dinner)

We have for children colouring crayons and paper
Do not hesitate to ask us !





Cheese board                                                                                       7 €





The traditional ice cream are made by a traditional ice cream maker
at the heart of Kochersberg
To know more :


Iced nougat with red fruits coulis                                                                   8 €

Orange salad with candied ginger                                                                  8 €

Torche aux marrons revisited (meringue with chestnut cream)                         8 €


Chocolate « Moelleux » cake                                                                         8 
Vanilla ice cream scoop

Suggestion of the day                                                                                  6 €

Hearty coffee or tea                                                                                     7 €

Coffee or chocolate liégeois or dame blanche                                                 7 €

Ice cream cup of your making (per scoop)                                                     2 €
Ice cream : Vanilla, salted butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, pistachio
Traditional sorbet : lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, pear
Alcohol drizzled sorbet

1 ball                                                                                                        5,50 €

2 balls                                                                                                           7 €

Irish coffee or Alsatian coffee                                                                      7,50 €