Menu du jour à 13 €/pers.

Menu servi uniquement au déjeuner
(Hors week-ends et jours fériés)
* Entrée du jour
* Plat du jour
* Dessert du jour ou café ou fruit

Dish of the day :  13 € (Starter, main course and dessert)
Only at lunch except weekends and bank holidays

Formule du jour à 17 €/pers.

Menu servi uniquement au déjeuner
(Le lundi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi - Hors jours fériés)
* Entrée du jour
* Pièce de bœuf selon arrivage
Servi avec frites fraîches et salade verte
* Café

“Formule” of the day : 17 €
Only at lunch on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday — except  on bank holidays
* Starter of the day
* Cut of beef
Mit Fries, green salad
* Coffee




Balade Gourmande

Février / Mars 2019


Menu à 36 € / personne (hors boissons)


Thin tartlet with wild mushrooms
« Fleur de tête de moine » (type of Swiss cheese)
Mixed salad

Chicken ravioli with curry
Beef broth
Thinly sliced vegetables with Thai flavours


Scallops | Risotto
Arugula pesto | Sweet potato Espuma



Like a fish soup
Cod, salmon, shrimps, steamed potatoes
Tagine style knuckle of lamb



Chocolate, crispiness of cookie, mango and passion sorbet …  
« Bayley’s » (whisky Irish cream) tiramisu and chocolate chips


Orange salad with candied ginger 



The must


Prime cut of beef with shallot                                                                      18 €

Cordon bleu of veal with Emmental cheese, cream sauce                               18 €

Cordon bleu of veal with Munster cheese, cream sauce                                 19 €

Veal kidneys deglazed with cognac, pan-sautéed mushrooms,
traditional mustard sauce or cream sauce                                                  18 €
If you wish the whole kidney : do not hesitate to request it


Our meats can be served with a choice of : Fresh fries, spaetzle or sautéed potatoes


Fried Munster cheese served with crudités and sautéed potatoes                  14 €

Trilogy of potato cakes                                                                          15 €
(salmon gravlax, black forest ham, baked Munster cheese, fresh cheese sauce)
Possibility to only have salmon, ham or Munster upon request

Grilled knuckle of ham
served with sautéed potatoes                                                                 14 €

Knuckle of ham grilled and baked Munster cheese                                       15 €
served with sautéed potatoes

Beef with pure sea salt, sautéed potatoes, crudités                                    13 €

Breaded pig’s trotter stuffed with foie gras

Green salad ans sautéed potatoes                                                           15 €




Flamed tarts (only for dinner)

Flamed  tart                                                                                      8,00 €

Flamed tart with emmental cheese                                                        8,30 €

Flamed tart with mushrooms                                                                 8,40 €


Flamed tart with mushrooms and emmental cheese                                   8,70 €

Flamed tart with Munster cheese                                                           8,70 €


Flamed tart with goat cheese and honey                                                 8,70 €

Flamed tart with apples                                                                       8,70 €

Flamed tart with apples drizzled with Calvados                                         9,50 €

Mixed flamed tart (half/half)                                                                 8,70 €

Green salad                                                         Small : 2 €         Large : 4 €




Vegetarian dishes

Plate of crudités                                               Small : 4.80 €    Large : 9.80 €

Thin tartlet with wild mushrooms                                                             16 €
« Fleur de tête de moine » (type of Swiss cheese)
Mixed salad

Sweet potato Espuma, vegetable Julienne                                                 16 €
Arugula pesto




Children’s dishes (less than 12 years old)

Thin chicken slices in a pretzel crust                                                         6 €
Spaetzle and fries




All our dishes can be adapted for children                                              6 €

Don’t forget the flamed tart :
We can make half ones (only for dinner)

We have for children colouring crayons and paper
Do not hesitate to ask us !





Cheese board                                                                                       6 €





The traditional ice cream are made by a traditional ice cream maker
at the heart of Kochersberg
To know more :


Chocolate, crispiness of cookie, mango and passion sorbet …                            8 €

« Bayley’s » (whisky Irish cream) tiramisu and chocolate chips                         8 €


Orange salad with candied ginger                                                                   8 €

Chocolate « Moelleux » cake                                                                          8 
Vanilla ice cream scoop

Suggestion of the day                                                                                   6 €

Hearty coffee or tea                                                                                      7 €

Coffee or chocolate liégeois or dame blanche                                                 6,50 €

Ice cream cup of your making (per scoop)                                                         2 €
Ice cream : Vanilla, salted butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, pistachio
Traditional sorbet : lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, pear
Alcohol drizzled sorbet

1 ball                                                                                                        5,50 €

2 balls                                                                                                           7 €

Irish coffee or Alsatian coffee                                                                      7,50 €